Projects:  13,999

Art for Water is now Art and Dialogue

Photo: Nancy Grace Horton


Art for Water’s first project, incorporates 13,699 clear water bottle caps, calling attention to the number of people who die every day from preventable, water-related diseases. While stringing the bottle caps together with monofilament line, hundreds of participants of all ages learned about the billion-plus people who lack access to clean water and the two billion-plus who live without basic sanitation.

After a year and a half of community gatherings, 13,699 came together as dramatic visual and interactive representation of the mortal consequences of water’s shrinking availability. At the same time, the installation connects consumer habits and the water bottling industry to the havoc they wreak on the environment and the developing world.

Since 2008, thousands of people in dozens of communities have felt the impact of 13,699. We can bring it to your community to serve as centerpiece for additional Art for Water projects and events.

Question: How much water is needed to make a 16 oz. bottle of water? See Water in Depth for the amazing answer.